Written by hubb

Welcome to Bailleau 2017 !

The 2016 edition of the Bailleau contest saw more than 60 pilots fly across 3 classes, completing 8 tasks out of the possible 11

Our time honoured two week flying contest proved to be yet again a sure bet for sailplane pilots looking for a competitive mix of distance and speed driven task setting, above the safe flatlands of the Beauce region.


The Long Flights class saw its fair share of AATs but also brought a 610km speed task won at a breath-taking 121km/h average speed, earning the Le Maon trophy in the process.


Speed Race class competitors were treated to a mix of AATs and ASTs, with one particular AST of 455km won at over 120km/h, and 9 pilots out of the 32 logging greater than 100km/h average speeds.


The budding competition pilots in the Amical class saw 2 tasks over 300km provide an opportunity for FAI Badge completion and the competition ended with only 30 points separating the top 2 pilots.


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